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"The sea is a passion that we have in the DNA"

Our passion comes from love for the sea transmitted from father to son who wrote an important story for our family.

Unique and incredible excursions

Experienced fishermen and enthusiasts of their work will share with you a day of routine using fishing techniques that are handed down from generation to generation, a fun activity for any age group.

Borea comes from the requests of many tourists and fishing enthusiasts who love to experience the sea and its beauties from different points of view.

We are specialised in different fishing techniques, from the oldest to some innovative that allow us to fish multiple species of fish at different depths.


Fisher man with a net

Not only the techniques and equipment are important but also the knowledge of winds and currents is a fundamental factor. This is one of the secrets that is handed down in the generations of the Salerno family.


Sunset from the sea

Respect for the sea is at the base of everything. What you leave today the sea gives you back tomorrow, this is a phrase of his grandfather that contains many facets both negative and positive.


Family of fisher men

Memories at the return of a fishing battle


Francesco Salerno boat

Our boat bears the name of grandfather Francesco Salerno, a man of great wisdom and wisdom.