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Participant (All ages)
Private Tour - Starting Price

Afternoon fishing experience in Syracuse!

Spend the day fishing in Syracuse with local experts! The Libeccio excursion allows you to participate in fishing operations from the moment the net is thrown into the sea until you recover the catch.

Immediately after completing the first phase of fishing, we need to wait for a couple hours. During this wait, our staff on board take good care of you and serve you a delicious and fresh aperitif. The time passes pleasantly as you enjoy watching the enchanting wonders of the natural landscapes that the coast of Plemmirio gives us. You get to enjoy the show as the sun sets, which is always extremely unique and exciting.

Taking advantage of the colorful shades that are formed with the encounter of the sunlight and the clear water, you can jump in and immerse yourself in this splendor to make this experience authentic. Once the wait is over, we recover the catch.