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Participant (All ages)
Private Tour - Starting Price

Real fishing experience in Syracuse!

Join us on a fishing excursion in the beautiful waters of Syracuse! The excursion begins at the port of Ognina, where we meet you and board the vessel at 7.00 h. We begin the day navigating to the fishing area. You have the opportunity to enjoy a chat with Captain Mirko, who is happy to explain all the equipment on board.

On this excursion, the technique that we use is that of rete da posta (gillnetting). Once you get to the fishing point, get ready to help recover the nets! You can actively participate in all operations, become part of the crew for a day, experience the thrill of living a typical day with the fishermen, and discover with them the best fishing areas and the secrets of the trade.

Upon returning, we make a short stop where our excellent staff give you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious and fresh aperitif in total relaxation, lulled by the sound of the sea and the warm Siracusan wind, and immerse yourself in crystal clear waters.